About Us

TO-Bargains has been retailing products to consumers since 2005, starting with monthly auctions and online sales.

The idea of TO-Bargains came from the remaining smaller inventories that could not feasibly wholesale to major discount chains throughout North America. Mostly inventories of less than 100 units. TO-Bargains also offers new technology products being introduced into the retail markets, years before main stream. Enjoy the surprise to see new merchandise that you don’t see anywhere else.

The majority of the merchandise TO-Bargains receives are products left over from major inventories, as well as returns from major retailers that are exclusive. Hence, becomes exclusive to TO-Bargains for you. TO-Bargains has too many products to put onto the website with some of the best bargains at the retail outlets waiting to find a home. All appliances and tools come with a warranty and service until your 100% satisfaction has been reached.

TO-Bargains is always looking for bargains, please keep us in mind if you have any type of inventory that needs to find a home. Doesn’t matter how small or how large, our experience in managing products will help move any inventory, locally or around the world!

Make sure you come experience our special events, with great bargains, a friendly and helpful staff and a clean and safe environment. Our special events are when we offer our deepest bargain discounts to move larger volumes of product as quickly and as bargain friendly as possible.

TO-Bargains continues to offer online consumer opportunities, operate in kiosk warehouse sales and event locations throughout Southern Ontario. With its flagship retail outlet at 25 Nixon Rd in Bolton Ontario L7E 1K2.