Warranty Policy

Due to the nature of our business there might be a greater variety of product available than the one we are able to categorize at a certain time. For the product available not listed in the following categories, we always offer a 7-day (upon receipt) full refund or exchange (subject to availability) unless specific terms are defined for the product on the description at the time of sale (ex. final sale).

For the categories listed below there is always a 7-day full refund / exchange, plus the more specific Limited Service Warranty defined as follows.

  • Seasonal product (ex. fireplaces, heaters, fans, air-conditioners, lawnmowers, etc.) – 2-month service warranty.
  • Small kitchen appliances (ex. blenders, coffee makers, juicers, etc.) – 6-month service warranty.
  • Home appliances (ex. vacuums, steamers, irons, etc.) – 6-month service warranty.
  • Electronics (ex. dvd players, stereos, tv’s, etc.) – 1-month service warranty.
  • Fitness equipment – 2-month service warranty.
  • Power Tools – 3-month service warranty

Please, notice that our Limited Service Warranty does not cover any damage that has resulted from abuse or misuse of the merchandise.

Save your receipts as this warranty is void without them.

Please, do not hesitate to ask if it’s not clear which warranty applies to a specific product before you buy it.